Profiling Research Published In The Journal Of Electronic Commerce Research


Yogesh K. Dwivedi
Melody Y. Kiang
Michael D. Williams
Banita Lal


This article endeavors to profile the types of research published in the Journal of Electronic Commerce Research (JECR) from 2000 to 2007. An analysis of the published material includes examining variables such as citation analysis, universities associated with the most publications, geographic diversity, authors’ backgrounds, subject areas most often investigated, and research methodologies. Like other profiling research, this work has implications for researchers, journal editors, universities, and research institutions. Since this work has utilized variables published in a previous study, the findings will allow a comparison to be made between JECR’s profile and other Information Systems (IS) journals. Also, as this is the first profiling work for any Electronic Commerce Journal, it is thus likely to form the basis and motivation for profiling other journals in this area.

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May, 2008

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