The Impact Of Internet User Shopping Patterns And Demographics On Consumer Mobile Buying Behaviour


Enrique Bigne
Carla Ruiz
Silvia Sanz


In less than 15 years, the mobile phone has become an essential part of our daily lives. It is no longer a luxury item and has become one of the most commonly used daily consumer goods throughout the world. Despite its growing significance, there is still a lack of research work in many countries in this field. This study aims to make an approximation of the M-shopper profile and identify the variables influencing purchase behaviour. The methodology used to achieve these objectives is based on 7 focus groups and the analytical techniques of Chi-Square and logistic regression. Analysis of the results obtained from a representative sample of 2,104 Spanish Internet users shows that the M-commerce decision can be predicted according to consumer age, social class and behaviour patterns as user of non-store shopping channels.

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August, 2005

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