Mobile Business - Comprehensive Marketing Strategies Or Merely It Expenses? A Case Study Of The Us Airline Industry


Notis Pagiavlas
Marzel Stratmann
Peter Marburger
Seth Young


This paper analyzes mobile business in the context of the US airline industry as a strategic tool to create a sustainable competitive advantage through the implementation of an effective mobile business model. The analysis is based on the assumption that such strategies must create a strategic fit with the business environment, as seen from an airline perspective. The analysis adopts classic strategic frameworks to suggest a most appropriate approach to airline practices and vision. Key success factors for creating value to airline customers through m-business are user experience, the value contribution of mobile technology, and customer requirements. Crucial elements found for matching these factors are expedite facilitating processes (i.e., process improvements), the ability to integrate systems into a mobile infrastructure, and the utilization of devices that consumers already use with quick and inexpensive results.

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August, 2005

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