E-Governance And International Relations: A Consideration Of Newly Emerging Capacities In A Multi-Level World


Jeffrey Roy


This article explores the contours of international relations in a more digital and interdependent era. In a context driven less by hierarchical control and coercion and more by empowered networks and engagement, new systems of governance are forming or struggling to emerge, particularly globally and at the level of continents. This paper examines how power has evolved beyond and within national systems and asks how e-governance is contributing to this multi-level order, which levels are empowered, and why. Three sets of inter-related processes intertwined within e-governance’s evolution are examined within the context of commerce, security and community and by considering the influence of markets, states and civil society in shaping them. The article concludes with less then a definitive response in terms of future developments but with more of a set of grounded expectations and future research directions in order to better understand the evolution of governance in a world shaped increasingly by transnational activity and technological connectivity.

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February, 2005

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