Deriving A Diffusion Framework And Research Agenda For Web-Based Shopping Systems


Changsu Kim
Robert D. Galliers


Although the research on electronic commerce is plentiful, there is little empirical research related to Web-Based Shopping Systems (WBSS). This is especially so in global electronic commerce circumstances. WBSS are the fastest growing segment of digital economies and are perceived as driving forces of electronic commerce in terms of global markets and digital business. Using WBSS, organizations have new opportunities to successfully evolve their business as global marketers. This paper develops a model to assess the diffusion of WBSS. Factors that impact WBSS diffusion are identified and analyzed as the basis for empirical testing. A set of propositions is developed that allows operationalization of the model. The ultimate goal is to provide new theoretical insights and practical guidelines for organizations wishing to undertake WBSS.

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August, 2004

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