The Levels Of Information Technology Adoption, Business Network, And A Strategic Position Model For Evaluating Supply Chain Integration


Yu Chung William Wang
Che-Wei Chang
Michael S H Heng


Implementing Supply Chain Management (SCM) requires a higher level adoption of computer applications and infrastructures to leverage intra- and inter-firm transactions via systems integration. Various solutions are provided by information systems (IS) vendors and different levels of implementation for firms to adopt. Nevertheless, few strategic models of decision making have been developed for industrial practitioners. This research proposes a model of IT adoption level based on a survey conducted in the industrial parks of Northern Taiwan. With the empirical data collected from Taiwanese enterprises, the authors discuss the proposed model by its applicability, limitation, and future research. Factors such as business network positions and firm sizes are drawn in to enhance current studies on IT adoption/Supply Chain Integration.

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May, 2004

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