e-Traveler’s Checks With Reciprocal Authentication


Ya-Fen Chang
Chin-Chen Chang


As life becomes more and more convenient with all sorts of high-techs around, traveling has become more and more popular. Travelers nowadays can choose to use either common metallic/paper currency or credit cards to pay their bills. However, money in pockets or wallets/purses is subject to being robbed of, while credit cards are at the risk of being cloned. The traveler’s check, which is a third choice, comes in to get travelers around such risks and to protect their rights. However, traditional traveler’s checks cannot keep impostors from forging and cashing them illegally. This will result in serious damages to the check-issuing banks. In this paper, we shall propose a brand-new type of check called the e-traveler’s check to preserve the rights of the e-traveler’s check holders and prevent the check-issuing banks from being damaged.

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May, 2004

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