B2c Internet Commerce: A Tale Of Two Nations


Achita (Mi) Muthitacharoen
Prashant Palvia


Much of the empirical information on E-Commerce activity is based on the U.S. and other developed nations. This study extends our knowledge by conducting a comparative investigation of B2C Internet shopping in the U.S. and Thailand. A unique feature of the study is the examination of Internet shopping in relation to conventional in-store shopping. Data was collected from both countries and statistical analyses were conducted to find differences among consumer preferences and behaviors toward Internet stores. A scale to measure consumer preference is proposed and its Cronbach’s alpha is reported. The results demonstrate that American subjects have a higher acceptance of Internet stores than those who live in Thailand, proving that Internet commerce has not yet penetrated global markets. Based on the study, suggestions are offered on how to conduct electronic business in other parts of the world.

Published Date: 

November, 2002

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