An Automated Executive And Managerial Performance Monitoring, Measurement And Reporting System:


Mahesh S. Raisinghani
John H. Nugent


This paper puts forward the concept for a new, automated, “management by exception” script-based network tool to monitor, address, and report deviations from corporate plan(s) in near real time via the company's messaging system. In particular, this paper conceptualizes the utilization and application of tools, initially developed for network monitoring and management, in managing and measuring corporate business performance against plan(s). That is, network-type tools (IVAANsä) are used to measure, monitor and report deviations in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from plan(s), and accomplish this in a timely, accurate, and automatic manner, without human intervention or filtering. Senior executives need a sound analytical basis derived from accurate, valid, and timely information for short- and long-term planning and for allocating scarce resources. IVAANä notices are directed and delivered to the responsible manager and other parties concerned with the respective KPI via push agents over the company’s messaging system. Further, IVAANä notices may be accumulated and utilized as an objective measure of managerial and executive performance.

Published Date: 

February, 2001

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