Quick Response Codes Around Us: Personality Traits, Attitudes Toward Innovation, And Acceptance


Hui-Yi Lo


The Quick Response (QR) code service scanned by smartphones allows users to obtain information that would otherwise be difficult for them to access on their own. However, different personality traits and attitudes toward innovations might influence an individual’s acceptance of this technology. A parallel model, in which personality traits predict individuals’ attitudes toward innovation, which in turn predict acceptance of QR code services, is proposed. Participants (N = 689) completed an online questionnaire. The original findings did not confirm all of the hypotheses, especially in terms of the desire for uniqueness. Further analysis revealed that laggards and late majority consumers hold unfavorable attitudes toward innovation and are less willing to adopt QR code services. A comparison model suggests that the degree of mediation of the effects of personality traits on service acceptance by attitudes toward innovation varies across categories of consumers.

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February, 2014

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