An Integrative Approach To Understanding Customer Satisfaction With E-Service Of Online Stores


Shin-Yuan Hung
Charlie C. Chen
Ning-Hung Huang


The proliferation of e-business has intensified competition for online customer satisfaction. Previous research has primarily offered a single view of customer satisfaction from marketing or technical perspective. Although each view has helped improve our understanding of online customer satisfaction, a framework to integrate these viewpoints is missing from the current literature. The service science theory examines customer satisfaction with online services from multiple perspectives. An integrative view of customer satisfaction with e-service is possible with the interdisciplinary lens of service science theory. This study conducted a survey with 377 customers of four online stores. Marketing and technical constructs consisting of twelve key variables were incorporated into a regression analysis to understand the effect of each variable on the dependent variable of customer satisfaction. The analysis results show that although these constructs do have a significant influence on customer satisfaction, not all the variables of each construct have the same effect. Thus it is important to take an integrative approach in examining online customer satisfaction. The findings of this research offer such a view of increasing online customer satisfaction by improving key marketing and technical factors.

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February, 2014

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