Antecedents Of Solution Quality In Crowdsourcing: The Sponsor’s Perspective


Haichao Zheng
Zongxiao Xie
Wenhua Hou
Dahui Li


Crowdsourcing has been adopted by firms as a means to access external information, knowledge, and business solutions. How to successfully conduct crowdsourcing is an important question and has drawn significant attention from the research community. The current study developed a research model and tested the model in the case of design contest, using both objective and subjective data collected from a Chinese crowdsourcing platform. We found that both solution quantity and solution diversity had significant effects on solution quality. Further, award had a significant impact on solution quantity but not solution diversity. On the other hand, sponsor-solver interaction significantly increased solution diversity but not solution quantity. Implications are discussed to guide further research and practices in this important area.

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August, 2014

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