Investigating Essential Factors of Reseller Perceived Inequity and Reseller Performance in E-Business


Talai Osmonbekov
Yulei Zhang
Yan Dang


The increased use of technology in e-business is transforming the way manufacturers manage their relationships with resellers to make their work more efficient and effective. This study examines the impacts of technology-related factors and relationship management factors on reseller perceived inequity and reseller performance. The two technology-related factors investigated in this study are reseller ordering benefits and customer information collection capability. The two relationship management factors examined are contractual enforcement and social enforcement. A research model is developed and tested. The results suggest that all four factors have significant impacts on reseller perceived inequity. In addition, reseller ordering benefits, social enforcement, and reseller perceived inequity are significantly associated with reseller performance. This study underlines the importance of reseller perceived inequity and reseller performance in channel relationships research.

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August, 2016

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