The Impacts of Solomo Services Technostress on Anxiety


Heng-Li Yang
Ren-Xiang Lin


Any technology service is not always positive but might accompany with something negative. Past studies have documented the dark side of technology such as technostress. Current technostress research reveals that individuals may experience technostress as a result of their use of information and communication technologies (ICTs), and consequently may have symptoms of anxiety and tension. At the level of individuals, this study tries to understand anxiety caused by modern ICT technostress such as SoLoMo (social-local-mobile) services in daily life. Accordingly, we propose the SoLoMo services stress as a specific technostress of SoLoMo services and identify five stressors including information overload, social message overload, social support overload, perceived surveillance, and services usage cost. The results reveal that three stressors, information overload, social message overload, and perceived surveillance have significant impacts on users’ anxiety, but social support overload and services usage cost have no significant impacts. Meanwhile, it is interesting to find that users of different features have different influential stressors of anxiety.

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May, 2018

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