Discovering Cultural Differences in Online Consumer Product Reviews


Yu Wang Jinan
Zhigang Wang
Dongsong Zhang
Ru Zhang


In this study, we investigate whether consumers with different cultures concentrate on different product features in online consumer product reviews and show different opinions toward individual product features of the same products. To this end, we extract product features and their associated opinions (i.e., feature-opinion pairs) from online consumer reviews of the same products available at Amazon websites for U.S. and Chinese consumers. The analysis of 4,754 reviews shows that American consumers tend to focus more on usability features of products and have more negative opinions on the same product features in their online reviews than Chinese consumers. Chinese consumers, on the other hand, comment more on aesthetics of products in their reviews. These findings provide some valuable guidance for sellers and manufacturers to better customize their products and improve marketing strategies for consumers with different cultural backgrounds.

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August, 2019

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