Consumers’ Post-Adoption Of M-Services: Interest In Future M-Services Based On Consumer Evaluations Of Current M-Services


Joohyung Park
Whitney Snell
Sejin Ha
Te-Lin Chung


While consumers’ adoption of new technology has received substantial interest from researchers, the mechanism of consumers’ post-adoption evaluation derived from continued use of m-services and its impact on their interest in upcoming m-services are yet to be explored. Drawing on the appraisal → emotional response → coping framework, this study investigates 1) how utilitarian and hedonic values derived from consumers’ basic and innovative benefits of m-services influence their post-adoption satisfaction with current m-services and 2) the impact of post-adoption satisfaction on interest in future m-services in the context of young consumers’ mobile phone use. The results support all the hypothesized relationships except for the relationship between innovative benefit and utilitarian value. Theoretical and marketing implications are provided.

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August, 2011

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