Consumer Behaviour And Mobile Tv Services: Do Men Differ From Women In Their Adoption Intentions?


Ioanna D. Constantiou


The mobile communications’ industry experiences moderate diffusion rates of innovative data services in many countries of the Western world. Mobile TV has been depicted as the “killer application” by both market analysts and mobile service providers. However, these optimistic forecasts have yet to come true. The present article presents the results of a quantitative study conducted in order to explore the relationship between the individual’s perceptions of value elements and the adoption intentions, in the case of mobile TV. Building on the theory of reason-based choice, we investigate how gender differences influence the relationship between value perceptions and adoption intentions and how gender influences the individual’s preferences for mobile TV services. The research findings highlight the importance of gender as a differentiating factor both for the value perceptions and the individual’s preferences. The study underlines the existence of different diffusion patterns between men and women, in the case of mobile TV.

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May, 2010

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