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Format: July, 2024
Published Datesort descending Title Author
02/2023 Investigating the Effect of Artificial Intelligence on Customer Relationship Management Performance in E-commerce Enterprises Lei Li, Jiabao Lin, Wenyi Luo, Xin (Robert) Luo
02/2023 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Adoption: An Extended Compensatory Level of Acceptance Claudia Sau King Chow, Ge Zhan, Hanfeng Wang, Miao He
05/2023 Exploring the Effects of Sense of Membership on Information Sharing in Virtual Communities Chuan Luo, Han Li, Xin (Robert) Luo, Xiaocong Cui
05/2023 Influencer Marketing: A Perspective of the Elaboration Likelihood Model of Persuasion Samira Farivar, Fang Wang, Yufei Yuan
05/2023 Pre-purchase and Post-purchase Sales Promotions on E-commerce Platforms: The Effects of Promotional Benefits on Customer-based Brand Equity Ting Zhu, Yaobin Lu, Bin Wang, Lijuan Zhao
05/2023 What Makes a Drug Review Helpful? The Role of Patients’ Health Condition and Medical Experience Signals Long Xia
08/2023 Online Free Product Sampling: The Reciprocity and Diagnosticity Effects Hairong Shi, Shun Cai, Xin (Robert) Luo
08/2023 You Look Like Me, and I Like You: An Empirical Study on the Influence of Doctor-patient Personality Similarity on Patient Selection Shuqing Chen, Xitong Guo, Tianshi Wu, Kee-hung Lai
08/2023 Online Service Sentiments in Transformative Society: A Cross-cultural Analysis Yun Wan, Makoto Nakayama, Jeffrey G. Blodgett, Jin Qin
08/2023 Exploring User Intent to Imitate toward Social Avatars Node Based on Social Network Theory Mengmeng Song, Xinyu Xing, Yucong Duan, Jian Mou