User Acceptance Of Virtual Worlds


Marc Fetscherin
Christoph Lattemann


Virtual Worlds enable new ways of communication, collaboration, and cooperation over the Internet by applying 3D environments and voice over IP technologies. This papers aims at assessing user acceptance of Virtual Worlds by applying the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). Based on literature review, an extended TAM has been constructed. Based on empirical data from an online-survey with 249 participants, hypotheses about user acceptance and adoption of Virtual Worlds are empirically tested. Our results show that community factors such as communication, collaboration, and cooperation play a pivotal role in means of influencing user intention and acceptance of Virtual Worlds. This paper provides meaningful insights for theory building of user acceptance in the context of Virtual Worlds as it shows that traditional models have to take ‘community’ factors into account. Our findings are also helpful for practitioners to develop new business models in Virtual Worlds.

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August, 2008

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