Role Of Different Electronic-Commerce (Ec) Quality Factors On Purchase Decision: A Developing Country Perspective


Mahmud Akhter Shareef
Uma Kumar
Vinod Kumar


While Electronic-Commerce (EC) has become an important issue with the unprecedented proliferation of the Internet, there has been insufficient empirical research concerning the relationship of EC quality factors and purchase decision for consumers, especially of developing countries. EC purchase decision is greatly dependent on many perceived quality factors of EC. This article presents an exploratory study of a general conceptual model of perceived quality factors required for consumers purchase decisions in EC. It was observed from the investigation that the requirement for E-quality factors related to purchase decision is not the same for developing countries as found from research conducted in developed countries. Therefore, this research article attempts to find the link between personal trust disposition attitude and local environmental security concern, which are derived from country/cultural differences with perceived trustworthiness, a major quality factor for EC purchase decision. The findings have important managerial implications for the globalization of EC.

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May, 2008

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