Algebraic Signatures For Scalable Web Data Integration For Electronic Commerce Transactions


Chima Adiele
Sylvanus A. Ehikioya


E-commerce transactions involve the access of data from enterprise-wide information. Providing enterprise-wide information is becoming increasingly difficult because of problems inherent in identifying semantic equivalent data. Web data integration consolidates and standardizes Web data, thus making Web data readily available to meet e-commerce needs. Integrating data from different sources involves combining concepts and knowledge of such data into a global view, so users can access such data without relying on the complex organizational structures of the underlying data sources. Unfortunately, most existing efforts involve significant manual input and adopt ad hoc approaches to data integration, ignoring the theoretical foundations of, and the necessary formalisms to specify, the integration process. In this paper, we leverage algebraic signatures to specify components of the integration system. We present an algebraic data model that reduces the topological structure of Web data sources to regular expressions. We define algebraic operators and functions to manipulate objects in the algebraic model. Central to the integration process is a filter mechanism that recognizes a “regulated schema” so that all the participating schemas are guaranteed to be in the same format. We also show that our approach guarantees a scalable and correct integration system.

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February, 2005

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