Antecedents and Distinctions between Online Trust and Distrust: Predicting High- and Low-Risk Internet Behaviors


Yong-Sheng Chang
Shyh-Rong Fan


While previous studies have investigated the determinants and consequences of online trust, online distrust has seldom been studied. Assuming that the positive antecedents of online trust are necessarily negative antecedents of online distrust or that positive consequences of online trust are necessarily negatively affected by online distrust is inappropriate. This study examines the different antecedents of online trust and distrust in relation to consumer and website characteristics. Moreover, this study further examines whether online trust and distrust asymmetrically affect behaviors with different risk levels. A model is developed and tested using a survey of 1,153 online consumers. LISREL was employed to test the proposed model. Overall, different consumer and website characteristics influence online trust and distrust, and online trust engenders different behavioral outcomes to online distrust. The authors also discuss the theoretical and managerial implications of the study findings.

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May, 2013

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