E-Commerce Systems Success: An Attempt To Extend And Respecify The Delone And Maclean Model Of Is Success


Alemayehu Molla
Paul S. Licker


E-commerce success is an issue that has attracted the interest of many pundits. There is a general scarcity of models and frameworks for evaluating e-commerce success. Whether traditional information systems success models can be extended to investigating e-commerce success is yet to be investigated. This paper proposes a partial extension and respecification of the Delone and Maclean model of IS success to e-commerce systems. Customer E-commerce Satisfaction (CES) is proposed as a dependent variable to e-commerce success and its relationships with e-commerce system quality, content quality, use, trust and support are defined and discussed. Further research into developing, validating and empirically testing the model is proposed.

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November, 2001

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