E-Business Adoption Research: State Of The Art


Liang Chen
Clyde W. Holsapple


Adoption has been identified as a critical, growing, distinct topic in e-business research. Hundreds of articles on the topic of e-business adoption have been published annually since 2000. What are the primary and new messages that they convey? Going forward, an answer to this question is necessary and valuable to facilitate systematic advances in e-business adoption research. Several review studies of the e-business field have appeared since 2000, but they tend to examine the e-business field as a whole, or only certain slices of the e-business-adoption space. This study undertakes a full examination of the e-business-adoption area, focusing on 618 journal articles that deal with e-business adoption. These are coded and analyzed along multiple dimensions, including journal distribution, units of analysis, data source regions (geographic focus and economic focus), research method, and research theme. Additionally, by comparing our results with those of prior studies, new trends in e-business-adoption research are detected; by linking the five dimensions, practical implications for e-business adoption researchers are also provided. Overall, the paper contributes to a state-of-the-art appreciation of e-business adoption research, from which both practitioners and researchers can benefit.

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August, 2013

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