Effects Of Dissatisfaction On Customer Repurchase Decisions In E-Commerce—An Emotion-Based Perspective


Yunfan Lu
Yaobin Lu
Bin Wang


Dissatisfaction is one of the factors that drive customers’ decisions to reduce repurchase intention. Repurchase is crucial to the success of online stores. The present study attempts to examine what coping behavior will be triggered by negative emotion in e-commerce and examines the potential influence of coping behavior on customer repurchase decisions in e-commerce. A research model that reflects the relationships among dissatisfaction, negative emotion, and customers’ behavior is developed and tested by structural equation modeling on data sets consisting of 411 subjects in China. Our findings show that negative emotion is an important mediator between dissatisfaction and repurchase intention. Different coping behaviors have different impacts on repurchase intention. Based on empirical findings, we offer managerial suggestions for enhancing purchase intention in e-commerce.

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August, 2012

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