The Influence of Culture in Website Design and Users’ Perceptions: Three Systematic Reviews


Francisco Tigre Moura
Nitish Singh
Wootae Chun


The role of culture in web design has been increasingly researched. At this juncture, a comprehensive review ofresearch, exploring website cultural localization issues, is overdue. Thus, this study aims to review and synthesizethe findings from 90 previous studies in this field and provide implications for building a future research agenda.The paper provides a systematic review of a] The manifestation of cultural values in websites, b] The investigationof cultural markers in websites, and c] Influence of culture on users’ perceptions of online stimuli. It elucidates themethods used in the investigations, along with main findings, limitations, and future research directions. The reviewof previous studies suggests that the web is not a culturally neutral medium, local cultural elements are an importantpart of web design, and that multinationals are culturally adapting their web content. Finally, the past studies make acompelling case for culturally adapting web content to meet online user expectations.

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November, 2016

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