The Effect of User-Generated Content Quality on Brand Engagement: The Mediating Role of Functional and Emotional Values


Jihad Mohammad
Farzana Quoquab
Ramayah Thurasamy
Main Naser Alolayyan


User-generated content (UGC) and online customers’ brand engagement are gaining popularity and becoming essential tools in improving the online business. Considering its growing importance, the present research aims to examine the indirect effect of UGC quality on online customers’ brand engagement through UGC’s functional and emotional values in a non-Western culture. Data were collected using an online survey which yielded 242 useable responses which were then analysed using Partial Least Squares - Structural Equation Modelling (PLS-SEM). Findings revealed that, content and technical quality of UGC have significant effects on UGC’s functional and emotional values. Moreover, functional and emotional values exert positive and significant effects on customers’ brand engagement. Contrary to the expectations, the design quality of UGC has no direct effect on UGC values nor an indirect effect on customers’ brand engagement. The findings of this research provide valuable insights to the managers about what they need to prioritise in regard to increase online customers’ brand engagement. This study contributes significantly to the body of knowledge by developing and empirically testing research model connecting to UGC quality with UGC values and customer’s brand engagement within the Asian context.

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February, 2020

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