Mobile Commerce, Crowd Commerce, and Stage Models–Reviewing and Expanding on TP Liang’s Research


Sihua Chen
Mikko Siponen
Wael Soliman
Cao Xin
Keng Siau


In this paper, we review a few key themes of Ting-Peng (TP) Liang’s research. We first discuss some of his major contributions to information systems (IS) in the areas of electronic commerce, mobile commerce, and crowd commerce. Future research directions for these three themes are also discussed in the paper. TP Liang is also an early proponent of stage models although this stream of research has yet to receive the importance it deserves in the IS community. Previous seminal theoretical accounts in IS have generally separated variance and process models, the latter is useful in modeling changes in the explanatory or predictive variables. In other sciences such as various branches of psychology, change or development is commonly modeled by stages (i.e., stage models). We proffer TP Liang as an important early proponent of stage models.

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November, 2021

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