Influences of Innovation Attributes on Value Perceptions and Usage Intentions of Mobile Payment


Edward Shih-Tse Wang


Although previous studies have indicated that innovation attributes and the perceived utilitarian and hedonic value of mobile payment (m-payment) influence its adoption, few have examined the predictive relationships between innovation attributes and perceived utilitarian and hedonic value. Therefore, how innovation attributes affect perceived hedonic and utilitarian value and how these types of value mediate the relationships between the attributes and continuance intention require further clarification. Drawing upon Rogers’s diffusion of innovation theory and customer value (hedonic and utilitarian) theory, this study investigated the five innovation attributes (i.e., compatibility, relative advantage, observability, complexity, and trialability) of m-payment and their effects on customers’ perceived utilitarian and hedonic value of m-payment and m-payment continuance intention. In total, 416 volunteers participated in this study. Structural equation modeling was used to test a conceptual model. The results revealed that compatibility and relative advantage positively influenced perceived utilitarian and hedonic value, whereas complexity negatively and significantly influenced customer-perceived utilitarian and hedonic value. Observability and trialability positively influenced utilitarian value but did not significantly influence hedonic value. A mediating analysis further revealed that both utilitarian and hedonic value mediated the effects of compatibility, relative advantage, and complexity (but not observability or trialability) on continuance intention. In addition, utilitarian value mediated the effects of observability and trialability on continuance intention, whereas hedonic value had no such effect. Both theoretical and practical implications are presented for m-payment marketers to develop effective systems, customer segmentation, and communication strategies for promoting the use of m-payment systems.

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January, 2022

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