The Effects of Media Use Motivation on Consumer Retail Channel Choice: A Psychological Sense of Community Approach


Jewon Lyu
Jihyun Kim-Vick


Media consumption has expanded through the popularity of the internet and one-person media channels such as YouTube and Instagram. The present study attempts to deepen our understanding of media consumption behavior. In particular, we explore how consumers’ activities within social media platforms and motivations to use the venues lead to further brand-relevant behaviors such as purchase intention through various channels (i.e., brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, mobile apps). Theoretically grounded in the theory of psychological sense of community, this study examines consumers’ motives for using media and perceived interactivity as antecedents of developing attitudinal/behavioral intention through the psychological sense of community. Data were collected through a quantitative survey (n = 277) and structural equation modeling was used to examine the suggested relationships. The findings of this study provide implications for digital marketing managers and fashion and beauty brand managers in the under-researched area of transactional commerce activities.

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August, 2022

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