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Format: March, 2024
Published Datesort descending Title Author
08/2006 A Distributed Reputation Broker Framework For Web Service Applications Kwei-Jay Lin, Jane Y.J. Hsu, Yue Zhang, Tao Yu
11/2006 I Name My Price But Don't Want The Prize: Effects Of Seemingly Useful Information In The Name-Your-Own-Price Mechanism Joni L. Jones, Kevin K.Y. Kuan, Sandra K. Newton
11/2006 Market Decision Making For Online Auction Sellers: Profit Maximization Or Socialization Steven Walczak, Dawn G. Gregg, Joy L. Berrenberg
02/2007 Analysis Of Electronic Micro-Payment Market Eric W. K. See-To, Jeevan Jaisingh, Kar Yan Tam
02/2007 What Drives Enterprises To Trading Via B2b E-Marketplaces? Chian-Son Yu
02/2007 A Psychometric Assessment Of E-S-Qual: A Scale To Measure Electronic Service Quality Christo Boshoff
02/2007 Understanding The Adoption Of Web-Enabled Transaction Processing By Small Businesses Pamila Dembla, Prashant Palvia, Balaji Krishnan
02/2007 Multi-Channel Consumer Perceptions Maximilian Teltzrow, Bertolt Meyer, Hans-Joachim Lenz
02/2007 Cooperative Pricing In Digital Value Chains – The Case Of Online Music Peter Buxmann , Jochen Strube, Gerrit Pohl
02/2007 Online Shopping Acceptance Model — A Critical Survey Of Consumer Factors In Online Shopping Lina Zhou, Liwei Dai, Dongsong Zhang