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Format: June, 2024
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11/2023 Personalization in Marketing: How Do People Perceive Personalization Practices in the Business World? Nilsah Cavdar Aksoy, Ebru Tumer Kabadayi, Cengiz Yilmaz, Alev Kocak Alan
11/2023 Do Online Consumers Value Corporate Social Responsibility More in Times of Uncertainty? Evidence from Online Auctions Conducted during the Onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic Andrew S. Manikas, James R. Kroes, E. Shaunn Mattingly, Garrett A. McBrayer
11/2023 Implementing Stochastic Products Selling in Mobile Games: Is Gacha Just Gambling? Jianqing Wu, Deepti Singh
11/2023 Effects of Early Participation in Lotteries on Subsequent Investment Behaviors in Crowdfunding: An Engagement Theory Shuang (Sara) Ma, Daniel P. Hampson, Dahui Li, Yonggui Wang, Xia Li
02/2024 Understanding Product Attributes Associated with Food Sales: Sensory Attributes for Online Versus Offline Options of a Multi-channel Retailer Eunsoo Choi, Haram Eom, Junghoon Moon
02/2024 Applying Justice Theory to Investigate the Effects of Consumer Complaints and Opportunistic Intention on Brand Reputation and Consumer Repurchase Behavior Aditya Nugroho, Wei-Tsong Wang
02/2024 A Systematic Literature Review of Value Cocreation in Online Services from The Perspective of Activity Theory Yuhui Meng, Ying Li, Jian Mou
02/2024 Don’t Cry for No Click-ons! Exploring The Mere Exposure Effect and Arousal Theory Shao-Kang Lo, Ai-Yun Hsieh
05/2024 How Texts Confuse Online Buyers: Quantifying Text Quality of Online Product Descriptions Yang Sun, Shaonan Tian, Ming Zhou
05/2024 Analyzing Knowledge-sharing Activities in Open Innovation Contests Under Optimal Reward Mechanism Jhih-Hua Jhang-Li, Jyh-Hwa Liou