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Format: December, 2023
Published Datesort ascending Title Author
05/2017 From Offline Healthcare to Online Health Services: The Role of Offline Healthcare Satisfaction and Habits Xiaofei Zhang, Xitong Guo, Kee-hung Lai, Chunxiao Yin, Fanbo Meng
05/2017 The Roles of Customer-Brand Relationships and Brand Equity in Brand Extension Acceptance Chao-Min Chiu , Hsin-Yi Huang , Yi-Chin Weng, Chieh-Fan Chen
05/2017 Platform Licensing for Electronic Commerce Ecosystems Xiaohui Xu
02/2017 Examining the Effects of Personalized App Recommender Systems on Purchase Intention A Self and Social-Interaction Perspective Jaewon Choi, Hong Joo Lee, Hee-Woong Kim
02/2017 Understanding Vendor Preference in the Crowdsourcing Marketplace: The Influence of Vendor-Task Fit and Swift Trust Wenbo Guo, Detmar Straub, Xiao Han, Pengzhu Zhang
02/2017 The Effects of Network Externalities and Herding on User Satisfaction with Mobile Social Apps Hong Hong , Mukun Cao , G. Alan Wang
02/2017 Matching Exactly or Semantically? An Examination of the Effectiveness of SynonymBased Matching Strategy in Chinese Paid Search Market Shuai Yang, Yiping Song , Joseph Pancras
02/2017 The Value of Marketer-Generated Content on Social Network Sites: Media Antecedents and Behavioral Responses Jesús Martínez-Navarro, Enrique Bigné
11/2016 The Wrap Effect in Online Review Sets Revisited: How Perceived Usefulness Mediates the Effect on Intention Formation Alona Kolomiiets, Nathalie Dens, Patrick De Pelsmacker
11/2016 A Study of Active and Passive User Participation in Virtual Communities Shwu-Min Horng