Mixing Business and Pleasure: Empirical Implications for Trust in Mobile Banking


Rodrigo Fernandes Malaquias
Yujong Hwang


Trust is essential for the development of e-commerce and its subcategories, like mobile commerce, online banking, and mobile banking (MB). Through mobile devices, MB enables customers to access their accounts and make transactions at anytime and anywhere, and this technology can contribute to expanding banking services, especially in developing countries. Users can assign utilitarian and hedonic values to mobile devices, and the relationship between these values and trust in MB has motivated the development of this research. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to analyze the relationship between trust in MB and hedonic/utilitarian perspective values. The sample evaluated in this study was comprised of 1,080 responses from Brazilian undergraduate students. Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Structural Equation Modeling were used to analyze the data collected, and to test the hypotheses. The main results indicated that trust in MB is positively related to the utilitarian value of mobile devices, social influence, gender (male) and personal innovativeness; a negative relationship was observed between age and trust in MB. These results have implications for banks and MB technology developers, once hedonic and utilitarian perspectives are related with mobile devices.

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August, 2017

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