Internet Technology: The Strategic Imperative


Charles H. Apigian
Bhanu S. Ragu-Nathan
T.S. Ragu-Nathan
Anand Kunnathur


Organizations continue to struggle with identifying the appropriate drivers for Internet success. They must realize that investment alone will not lead to successful deployment of the Internet, but a strategic approach based on business principles is a sounder alternative. Organizations are also unclear on the appropriate way of measuring the tangible and intangible impact of the Internet on their business. This study develops measures for Internet Performance and Business Internet Use to help identify the necessary drivers for success and the correct dimensions for performance. Data from over 250 IT managers was collected to empirically test the validity and reliability of the derived constructs, and to validate the relationship between Business Internet Use and Internet Performance at the construct and dimension level. This study found that there is a significant relationship between Business Internet Use and Internet Performance, which further strengthens the argument that for proper implementation of Internet technology, a business-driven strategic approach is the optimal path for success.

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May, 2005

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