An Elaboration Likelihood Model of Facebook Advertising Effectiveness: Self-Monitoring as a Moderator


Yu-Ping Chiu


Based on the elaboration likelihood model, the current study aims to examine whether self-monitoring influence the persuasiveness of Facebook advertising. This study conducted two experimental studies, and used two different claims of advertising stimuli in an experimental setting to explore the relationship between users and advertising. The results of this study provided evidence that high (low) self-monitors become more likely to engage in peripheral (central) route processes, and then displayed more positive advertising attitude and purchase intention with image-oriented (product-oriented) Facebook advertising. This paper provides a review of the major perspectives in the concept of ELM, and self-monitoring plays a role as a moderator in Facebook advertising. Theoretical and managerial implications were discussed regarding the strategic contextual and persuasion of Facebook advertising. The findings can also provide insights that could improve advertisers’ plan to perform social media marketing.

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January, 2022

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