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Format: July, 2024
Published Datesort descending Title Author
11/2014 Consumer Learning Embedded In Electronic Word Of Mouth Xiaoling Lu, Yuzhu Li, Zhe Zhang, Bharatendra Rai
11/2014 A Conditional Feature Utilization Approach To Itemset Retrieval In Online Shopping Services Kwanho Kim, Yerim Choi, Jonghun Park
11/2014 Consumer Segmentation Analysis Of Multichannel And Multistage Consumption: A Latent Class Mnl Approach Quansheng Wang, Xue Yang, Peijian Song, Choon Ling Sia
11/2014 Is This Opinion Leader’s Review Useful? Peripheral Cues for Online Review Helpfulness Ling Zhu, Guopeng Yin, Wei He
02/2015 Effects of Consumer Social Interaction on Trust in Online Group-Buying Contexts: An Empirical Study in China Zhe Zhang, Chenyan Gu
02/2015 Effects of Interactions and Product Information on Initial Purchase Intention in Product Placement in Social Games: The Moderating Role of Product Familiarity Dong Hong Zhu, Ya Ping Chang
02/2015 Impact of Machine and Interpersonal Virtual Experience Combinations on Sense of Virtual Community: The Moderating Roles of Optimum Stimulation Level and Motives for Reading Customer Articulations Ching-Jui Keng, Chien-Hua Pao, Hui-Ying Ting, Nai-Yun Chang
02/2015 Impact of Online Flow on Brand Experience and Loyalty Soo In Shim, Sandra Forsythe, Wi-Suk Kwon
02/2015 How Word-of-mouth Moderates Room Price and Hotel Stars for Online Hotel Booking: An Empirical Investigation with Expedia Data Mohan Wang, Qi Lu, Robert T. Chi, Wen Shi
05/2015 Providing Information And Enabling Transactions: Which Website Function Is More Important For Success? Janny C. Hoekstra, Eelko K.R.E. Huizingh, Tammo H.A. Bijmolt, Adriana C. Krawczyk