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Format: March, 2024
Published Datesort ascending Title Author
08/2002 User Preference For Product Information In Remote Purchase Environments Nancy J. Lightner, Caroline Eastman
08/2002 Usability For Mobile Commerce Across Multiple Form Factors Susy S. Chan, Yanzan Zhou, Xiaowen Fang, Shuang Xu, Jack Brzezinski, Jean Lam
05/2002 Existing Business Models For Auctions And Their Adaptation To Electronic Markets Enrique Dans
05/2002 Trust In Electronic Commerce Business Relationships Antony Bryant, Barbara Colledge
05/2002 The Importance Of Information Goods Abstraction Levels For Information Commerce Process Models Fons Wijnhoven
05/2002 Market Formation And Fixed Income E-Commerce John Gallaugher
05/2002 The Ethics Of Ebanking Dr Lisa Harris, Dr Laura J. Spence
05/2002 Business-To-Business Electronic Commerce Marketplaces: The Alliance Process Hope Koch, MBA CPA
05/2002 Strategic Connectivity In Extended Enterprise Networks John Tillquist
05/2002 Rethinking B2b E-Marketplaces And Mobile Commerce: From Information To Execution Mahesh S. Raisinghani , Ph.D., CEC, Hanns-Christian L. Hanebeck, Dipl.-Kfm.