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Format: December, 2023
Published Datesort ascending Title Author
02/2020 Impact of Firm-generated Content on Firm Performance and Consumer Engagement: Evidence from Social Media in China Lijuan Bai, Xiangbin Yan
11/2019 Social Commerce Users’ Optimal Experience: Stimuli, Response and Culture Carolina Herrando, Julio Jiménez-Martínez, María José Martín-De Hoyos
11/2019 Bibliometric and Visualized Analysis of Research on Major E-Commerce Journals Using CiteSpace Jian Mou, Yi Cui, Kerry Kurcz
11/2019 An Investigation into The Effects of Message Framing on Crowdfunding Funding Level Masoud Moradi, Mayukh Dass
11/2019 Social Community, Personal Involvement and Psychological Processes: A Study of Impulse Buying in the Online Shopping Carnival Zhen Zhao, Mingliang Chen, Wuke Zhang
08/2019 Regional Economic Status And Online Rating Behavior Dapeng Xu, Hong Hong, Qiang Ye, Di Xu
08/2019 Pay Now Or Pay Later: A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Online Payments Patrick Deufel, Jan Kemper, Malte Brettel
08/2019 Enhanced Collaborative Filtering: A Product Life Cycle Approach Hyun Sil Moon, Young U. Ryu, Jae Kyeong Kim
08/2019 Discovering Cultural Differences in Online Consumer Product Reviews Yu Wang Jinan, Zhigang Wang, Dongsong Zhang, Ru Zhang
05/2019 Go digital: B2C Microenterprise Channel Expansions Anna Sell, Pirkko Walden, John Jeansson, Siw Lundqvist, Leif Marcusson